Another Way To Look At ERP

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The following post is by Pascal Boursier, Product Manager for Sage ERP X3.

I’m a Product Manager for Sage ERP X3, Sage’s global ERP solution dedicated to the mid-market. Previously, I was a Sage ERP X3 consultant for 15 years.

We believe that mid-sized companies need an ERP system that’s as complete as an enterprise uses, because mid-sized company processes are complex. But this solution has to fit in their resource constraints in terms of finance and the size of their IT team. That’s why we created Sage ERP X3.

In the field, I learned a lot about mid-sized companies’ needs and I began to understand that all mid-sized companies are not the same. This is why we launched Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition three years ago, in addition to Sage ERP X3 Premium Edition, and we designed it for companies that want a quick implementation with reduced costs and manpower.

When we created Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition, we had five main objectives:

  1.   Users should have access to their KPIs in their ERP system
  2.   Users should be able to navigate easily in the ERP system, especially through processes, without a traditional ERP menu
  3.   Best practices should be included in order to share with others
  4.   The time to implement must be reduced and secured
  5.   Parameterization should be easy and accessible by someone who is not an ERP expert

These five objectives were addressed through:

  • A dedicated Web 2.0 portal, customizable per role, with drag and drop KPIs
  • A graphical process editor (Sage Visual Processes tm), which enables the user to navigate without an ERP menu and define ready to use sequences with a single click to access ERP functions, reports, inquiries, requests…
  • Preset elements: The preset elements within Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition are organized by role with linked processes. The product also employs a framework and an embedded development tool. These capabilities result from best practice sharing with our customers
  • A comprehensive methodology kit that matches preset elements with ready-to-use documents for implementation, such as interviews
  • A setup wizard tool in order to simplify the parameterization. This is another graphical process which helps the consultant or key user execute sequences for the customization.

I was very proud to be part of the launch of Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition as a product manager.

We launched Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition in France in 2008. Over the past year, Sage ERP X3 Standard Edition has been launched in Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, South Africa, French-speaking African countries and is now available in a total of 30 countries.