SouthWare Mobile Features

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Impact to customer, employee and vendors - TO TEST DRIVE THE NEW MOBILE / TABLET features waiting for you to access in your current SouthWare:CLICK HERE

You will be able to access: 

  1. Remote Sales Portal (tablet optimized)
  2. Remote Tech Portal (Tablet optimized)
  3. Small SKU volume - template shopping cart
  4. Customer on-line portal 
  5. Internal Staff access
  6. ExecuView
  7. Vendor Start
  8. Inventory HandHeld Page  
  9. Service Tech Hand Held Page 

Smartphone adoption has been faster than any other major technology shift. Droid, iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows phones...it seems like they're everywhere and the tablet/pad market growth is far faster than smartphones or anything else? Again, iPads, Droid and Windows tablets are becoming more and more a part of our business environment.


SouthWare has always been able to work with these types of devices using a browser and NetLink. But, now we've released a new portals with deep focus on these devices.