eBusiness Solutions for Online Business Strategies

Connecting You With Your Customers - It's a business strategy. 

EBusiness is so much more than just a shopping cart. It's a comprehensive strategy for single point data maintentance, business rules enforcement and a platform for clients, vendor and field/remote personell to optimize operations in dynamic new ways.  

Self Sevice environments

  • Customers can submit orders, check their account balances, check order status, submit service requests, review history, report address changes and more.
  • Vendors can check on receivings status or product levels they supply for better management.
  • Full field CRM.  Internal operators can place orders on behalf of clients and even move back-office operations to cloud portals to wherever your workforce is.

Controlled Data Access

  • Multiple contacts per relationship 
  • Security levels control by login
  • Supports single or multiple company/databases

CMS Integrated plug-ins 

  • Content Management System integration as continuous content updates are a requirement for keeping your web presense fresh and relevant.
  • Creation of new ares of your site is simple and dynamic

Endless Possibilities - Standards based API (Application Programming Interface)

  • Soap compliant API allow development of exciting new applications that diferentiate your business
  • Integration with 3rd party programs for seamless automation of interfaces with vertical industry packages