Industries Solutions Offered by Opus

We invite you to explore information about your type of business. Depth of features and comprehensive understanding are critical foundations for your long term strategy.  We have the solutions and talent that enable the growth of your business. 


Whether all you require is US based managment or across the globe integrated operations.  The foundation is ready to accomodate the present and future.

  • AR, AP, GL, payroll, budgeting, financial.... all integrated so you have a finger on the pulse at all times.
  • Serve the needs of all departments: From bankers to department managers. Control who, what and when .....


Work like a refined machine-all parts interact cohesively.  It is a challenge to make the plethora of processes involving:

  • Receiving, inspecting, labeling, storing
  • Picking, packing, shipping
  • Replenishment, physical counts adjustments

Equipment & Services management

A complete service management system with specialized service functions and unique integration with:
  • Accounting, inventory control, sales processing, and sales management software.
  • Combine the modules you need for seamless dispatching, scheduling, billing, contracts, equipment repair history, warranty information, technician tracking, and other service functions.
  • With service this efficient, you will reduce service costs, increase revenue, and elevate customer satisfaction.


Discrete, made to stock, batch processing, planning and scheduling are worlds of their own that integrate with the rest of your processes.

  • Streamline and accelerate procurement, manufacturing, and customer management processes.
  • Increase productivity and provide customers with better and faster quality service.
  • Enhance collaboration with your partners, suppliers, and customers.
  • Effectively manage supply and demand to minimize inventory-carrying costs and risks.
  • Eliminate hurdles of doing business globally.


Relationship management happens in all businesses. It is essential to have the right tool in order for it to be organized and have continuity.

  • Manage your daily work through one convenient “portal”.
  • Train new users much faster – they only need to know how to work from a department or personal “To Do” task list.
  • As you automate task and exception management your system continually grows smarter and your job becomes easier.

eBusiness Solutions

Todays web business strategies can go far beyond a shopping cart. Clients, vendors and internal needs are part of the equation.

Your customers can:

  • Submit orders, quickly check account balances, check status of orders.
  • Submit service requests, review product history, report changes of address.
  • Request product literature, and many similar functions in a “self-serve” environment.