Industries We Have Served

Expertise to implement  end-to-end business and financial management systems is a special challenge that requires all collaborators to understand the specific industry needs. When a solution is tailored for your vertical but built on a feature rich industry standard foundation, faster return of investment and a quicker achievement of your goals are realized.

Servicing and Equipment

From Recurring Services that occur at you client sites to dispatching the tech certified for a specific equipment and making sure all billing occurs as contracted. Services can be a complext, human intesive operation without the right system.


Specialty parts dealers and collision repair suppliers operate radically different businesses. We understand that.


Vendor agreements, drop-shipments, lot tracking, security compliance and a complex mix of product requirements from MSDS to packaging.


Track equipment service, understand contract profitability, know technician productivity, generate recurring billing, and track parts inventory and warranties.

Stone Slab

Dont settle for a vertical single purpose system when you can have a comprehensive distribution solution for your Stone and Slab operations.


Varied levels of B.O.M.'s, labour steps to be verified, sampling of output and strong distribution. 

Restaurant Supply and Specialty Distribution

Inventory service levels, warehouse management, order processing, Hand Held driven Pick/Ship, serialized and Puchase For Sales Orders, and the many other  aspects of this complex  business.

Industry Specific Adaptation - Drywall

With the nuances of how orders are called in, priced and instruction for truck loading and product placement - highly adaptable solutions.

The typical issues confronting our customers and the problems Opus,Inc. solves:

  • Growth is driving significant increases in production and work force volumes resulting in stressed systems.
  • Insufficient & Inaccurate Information limits management decision making capabilities
  • Duplication of efforts. How many spreadsheets?
  • Little to no ability to budget, forecast and plan.
  • Obsolescence -the current system is or about to be no longer supported