SouthWare Inventory Series Software Solutions

SouthWare produces a comprehensive line of modules for your inventory-related operations. Our sophisticated Inventory Control includes tracking numbers (serial/lot/etc.), various costing methods, multi-location flexibility, and many related capabilities that help you manage inventory levels and information. Purchasing features help you buy what you need, when you need it, and at the right price.

With SouthWare, you can track the assembly of items from inventory, returns to vendors, and returns from customers. Sales options include Point of Sale, Order Entry (and related shipping processes) and Rentals. Plus, powerful management tools ensure that you always know where you stand in reaching your goals for profitability and service.

Order Entry

When your customers call in with an order you want to be able to record the order accurately and then deliver it right the first time. This means your people need a system that helps them be efficient, accurate, knowledgeable, and timely. A great answer to all these needs is SouthWare’s Order Entry.

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Point of Sale

For simple sales situations you want to process the sale fast so the customer can be on his way. If the customer has questions you want instant access to the answers. For more complex sales situations you want to handle returns, discounts, delivery, split payments, and other needs quickly and accurately. A great answer to all these needs is SouthWare’s Point of Sale.

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The key to excellent purchasing is to provide great inventory service and get the most value for the money you invest in inventory. Your customers and employees want inventory to be available when they need it. But if you’re not careful you can eat up all your profit in inventory carrying costs. SouthWare’s Purchasing helps you find the right balance for your inventory. 

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Return Authorization

Do you struggle with the complexity of tracking and managing vendor returns? Are you uncertain where all your return items are and what needs to happen to them? If so, you need to consider SouthWare’s Return Authorizations. In conjunction with other solutions in SouthWare’s Excellence Series™, you can get a complete system to confidently manage both the process of customer returns to you and the process of your returns to vendors.

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Assembly Work Orders

Inventory management and work order control is a real challenge when you have assemblies and components. Not only do you have to keep track of the items that come in and out of your business, but you have to keep track of them as they flow in and out of assemblies. A good solution to this challenge is SouthWare’s Assembly Work Orders.

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Shipping Interface

Shipping your orders is a vital link in your operation. You need to get the orders on their way to the right location with a minimum of hassle and paperwork. You need to calculate the right shipping charges, produce shipping labels and tags, report the shipments to the shipper, and keep a history of the shipment for later review. Save time, simplify your shipping paperwork, and integrate your specialized shipping software into your SouthWare Shipping Interface.

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Rental Department

Do you struggle to handle transactions that involve both rentals and sales? Are you unsure about where all your items are, when they’re scheduled for rental, and whether you’re making money on them? SouthWare’s Rental Department gives you a complete system to process the pricing, renting, tracking, and management of your rental contracts and inventory.

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Warehouse Tracking

With Warehouse Tracking you get supporting warehouse details for the information in Inventory/ Sales while keeping your warehouse records separate from your stock and order information. Your Inventory/ Sales operators don’t need to enter warehouse information, and your warehouse operators don’t work with anything but warehouse information. This gives you the benefits of an integrated system for purchasing, receiving, putaway, stocking, selling, picking, staging, shipping, etc. without requiring complicated data entry functions.

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