Opus Cataloging Systems for Creating Online Catalogs

How do you give your customers the information they need?

Do you use catalogs? Do you have an eCommerce site? If you answered 'Yes,' do you wish it were easier to put data into a format that could be easily leveraged in catalogs or in your eCommerce site?

With the Opus Marketing Catalog Tool, you can finally create highly customized marketing catalogs; quickly run specials for a single month using any combination of data; or create groupings of products and retrieve that product data for use on your website with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The Opus Marketing Catalog Tool integrates with the SouthWare Excellence Series ERP and expands upon native functionality to streamline how you use your data to build custom catalogs by helping you to rapidly associate products, product numbers and product descriptions and product pictures.

The Opus Marketing Catalog Tool is highly flexible and applies to any industry that uses product numbers, catalogs or an eCommerce site.