Opus Data Sync Replication Services


Due to constraints of access speed or complexity of queries, sometime it is necessary to have the data in SQL Server format close (same network  or on the same physical box) where the application accessing it is being executed.  Some data can be replicated on periodic timetables or on-demand.   One example of such an application would be shopping carts for web applications querying parts or pricing structures that are only updated periodically.

To satisfy this requirement the OWA-DataSync product was designed.

Key Features:

  • Flexible replication schedules
  • Based on user needs each table or set of table could be replicated on its own schedule from every 5 minutes, 20 minutes to every 5 hours or every day or week. Your needs determine the frequency.
  • Command line options
  • Calls are flexibly structured and command line access offers great flexibility


  • Full table replacement
  • Rollback if any component fails
  • E-mail confirmation of success/fail>
  • Logging pertinent information.
  • Friendly user interface for customizing configuration settings such as
  • What tables are to be replicated
  • Source and destination connection strings
  • Option to rename source files upon completion for data auditing needs.


  • Downtime is never desired and not an option in many situations.
  • So fastthat a simple message on the application/website asking the user for a momentary wait while update occurs becomes acceptable.
  • Normally this occurs in the middle of the night.
  • Tests with about 20,000 SKU’s, synchronizes from a local storage to a cloud based SQL Database in less than 1 minute.


Based on your application needs, additional data elements can be added to accommodate custom fields. By default the tools brings over the vast core of the selected base Southware tables.