Opus Hand-Held Technology for Warehouse Management

An optimized warehouse can save you time but to get the most out of your receiving, stocking and shipping space, you have to be using the right systems.

Technology should always match your workows and the standard processes you complete every day, week, month or year to run your business. SouthWare Excellence Series ERP’s comprehensive warehouse and inventory management software combined with a hand held device powered by Opus Hand Held Pages can bring your warehouse the change you’ve been looking for.

General Features

  • English/Spanish selection by operator
  • Multi-companies with selection at login
  • Translation of the Transaction to the
  • Login Operator
  • Auto trim of extra blanks on all fields
  • Auto X-Ref to UPC on all scans

Validation of the Put away Process

  • Put away from General Receiving driven by the parts, not transactions
  • Scan of Part number indicates the SID & quantity
  • Automatic creating transactions with balance of a partial put away
  • Option to Put Away into dierent SID with validation of SID
  • Single Screen transaction on modied Sid/partials.

On the Fly Stock Moves

  • Optimized Physical Count Process
  • Creates the WT transaction and completes in one step (not 2 screens)

Pick Process

  • Scan by order
  • Entry or lookup by list of order numbers
  • Partial Pick (creating the balance transaction)
  • Option to pick from dierent SID if with validation of QTY allowable.
  • Scrollable list of remaining items on order
  • Hyperlink to stock & SID additional info
  • Counter indicating number of remaining items