Opus Scan Document Imaging Software

You’ve accessed your customer’s record. You see most recent transaction data, but what you really need to find is that receipt. The receipt, however, which was on your desk yesterday, has been misplaced. If only a scan of that receipt were attached to this specifc ransaction record—available at your fingertips in high resolution, and available to print or save for emailing and faxing...With OpusScan,this problem is solved!

OpusScan is a SouthWare add-on that gives you needed control over your important documents—the documents that relate directly to your SouthWare transactions! Have a credit memo? Have a signed invoice? Have written changes to a Purchase Order? Scan them all—and more—with OpusScan.

Be better organized:

  • Electronic files that are attached to their related transaction are easy to find and use! Save time and effort.No more searching for that one document that you just know you had, but where? Scanned documents are available as high-quality images that display quickly and easily on screen from your SouthWare application.

Protect your data:

  • Electronic documents benefit from your existing data backup and recovery process, so your data will be available even if your hardcopies are not.

Take control of your documents: Reconstruct events, understand timelines, and access digital copies of the information that your business generates. From amended contracts attached to the customer account to shipping manifests posted to the receiving transaction, you can catalog what happened for future use—quickly, efficiently and within the same workflow. That’s OpusScan.

OpusScan integrates seamlessly with SouthWare

  • All you need is a TWAIN-compatible scanner.
  • Set scan options once; options are stored for each user and scanner.
  • Runs on your Windows workstation – where the transactions happen.
  • Compatible with both Windows and Linux platforms.
  • Supports document feeders and duplex mode scanning.
  • TaskWise support.

Easily Scan and Attach:

  • Shipping manifest to the receiving transaction
  • Customer checks with cash receipt entry
  • Banks statements to journal entries
  • Vendor invoices with the AP document
  • Drawings and instructions to your stock items
  • Signed copies of contracts to service agreements
  • Customer PO’s to sales orders
  • Vitally any key file or transaction supports attachments from a scanner