Opus Web App API Integration

To address the response times from Southware that are still essential to have a round trip due to complex logic, such as override pricing, we have created the OWA Middleware to allow your application to access this same complex business logic without a round trip to Southware.

Certain functions are accessible via a call to the OWA-Middleware or can be incorporated into your application as a DLL.

Example of override Pricing:

Based your custom query to a local SQL Server searching thousands of parts your application will likely have a list of products results for which you need it to display the parts pricing calculated based on logic defined in the Southware Override Pricing Tables.  This logic is programmed into our Middleware so you can display a random search result with pricing calculated for the client based on their negotiated pricing.

We are extending this product to substitute calls to Southware that require better performance, both in terms of speed and flexibility.