Sage ERP X3 Business Intelligence Software

Master Your Intelligence

Start with the right data

For business intelligence to give you a truly accurate view, users must contribute data across the entire organization, The problem? Most employees are not equipped to easily access the company management system. They store valuable information in spreadsheets not readily available to others; some do not see how entering data benefits them, so they fail to do so. Without trying, they become the gatekeepers of information others need. Bottlenecks abound.

A modern ERP solution like Sage ERP X3 gives everyone simple tools to process and share information. All users, from accounting to distribution to manufacturing can easily enter and share data. This benefits your entire organization and ensures a coherent view of your business at all times.

Self-serve Intelligence

A common data repository does not help you make smarter decisions if users struggle to access the data they need when they need it. Worse, complex systems may require you to export and duplicate data into ‘more convenient” software for analysis and reporting. This leads to errors and inconsistencies.

New solutions like Sage ERP X3 provide everyone- from entry-level to executives- with simple tools to access self-serve statistics and reporting, eliminating the need for disparate tools and specialized skills.

What You have to Gain

As your busimess grows, you lose the visibility you need to drive daily operations and make the right decisions. Increasing quantities of information from various sources slow down reporting and make it more difficult to anticipate risks , keep costs under control, and make decisions based on accurate forecasts. You cannot anticipate important events impacting the business and employess spend more time putting out fires. Your company loses agility and competitiveness, while operational costs keep rising.

Your ERP system must provide business intelligence that covers all operations and serves all roles- from casual users to data specialists- so everyone can stay ahead of trends and turn insight in to action. Sage ERP X3 is designed to do just that.