Companies face an inevitable challenge as they grow.

As volume increases, many business processes that used to work—no longer do. When finance utilizes one management program, warehouse another, and sales yet another, you lose control over workflows and communication. To take back control, best-in-class companies rely on modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The right ERP system integrates all information and workflows so your entire company is operating from the same information. You get more done in less time, with better results. That positive momentum brings a wide range of benefits. See below for a sampling of the results you could expect from a well-designed ERP solution.

Companies that use ERP :

Your Speed of Business

Best-in-class companies perform so well because they use their ERP system to integrate all their business processes into a series of workflows within a single, coherent system. This greatly accelerates the velocity at which information travels, tasks are completed, and customers are served, which has huge impact on productivity and profitability. Improve that velocity with the workflows and alerts built into Sage ERP X3. Setting up automatic triggers and communications makes it much easier to expedite matters while maintaining consistency and quality.

The Quality You Deliver

Modern ERP systems provide a strong foundation for ensuring quality across your organization. With complex regulations and legislation, fierce competition, and high customer expectations, failures in quality can have devastating consequences. A powerful management solution like Sage ERP X3 allows you to enforce fully integrated quality control processes across your organization that automatically enforce inspections to ensure conformation to required characteristics, operational specifications, or expected results.


So many features included in modern ERP systems are designed to ensure things go right. But Sage ERP X3 version 7 also provides complete forward and backward traceability at multiple levels(for example: lot, sublot, end-item, ingredients) to protect you not if, but when something goes wrong. It is no secret that recalls are very costly; every day, companies lose millions when they lack the ability to trace and audit their products. There is simply too much at stake: Protect your profitability and reputation by ensuring you have the ability to locate any issue, at any point, and take control of the situation immediately.


One of the greatest and most natural benefits of uniting your business with an ERP system is a whole new level of collaboration. Sage ERP X3 version 7 has a completely web-based design that takes this one step further—your team, suppliers, and partners can access the system from any browser or device. Distance, time zones, or place of business no longer inhibit collaboration. You can even share documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) within your database.When data is modified, numbers can be updated with the click of a button. This is yet another example of how Sage ERP X3 version 7 gives you the control necessary to move forward together.

Operational Costs

Much of your profitability is tied to how well you can control your operating costs, particularly as you grow. Staying in control means staying current; to do that, you must always be able to see an accurate view of what is happening in real time. Without a best-in-class ERP system, that is nearly impossible to do. Sage ERP X3 offers a range of intelligence tools to let you monitor performance up to the minute and dig deeper when further analysis is needed. When you need custom reports, save what you would normally spend on specialists; Sage ERP X3 version 7 empowers you with user-friendly tools to customize as many reports as you need.

Whichever stage you are in, however many silos you have, it is time to take back control—of the products and service you provide your customers, of the communication among your team, of the profitability and future of your business. Sage ERP X3 version 7 is ready to help you do all of that and more. See why so many companies claim Sage ERP X3 has enabled them to do far more than they ever could before.