Sage ERP X3 Distribution Software

Gain greater accuracy,faster cycle times and lower costs.

The RF Warehousing capabilities extends Sage ERP X3 to include more sophisticated inventory management functionality that is often required to support operations in mid sized and larger warehouses. It includes the data collection capabilities of Sage ERP X3 and communicates directly with the Sage ERP X3 back office system for the seamless and secure procressiing of a broad array of warehouse business transactions.

Sage ERP X3 RF Warehousing accepts data directly from automated devices, verifies its accuracy, and passes it to the enterprise system for immediate update. It also manages the entire network of collection  devices, including all user input prompts. Armed with accurate data, companies have much better information on which to base business-critical decisions.

Companies can  expect:

  •  Decreased cycle times and safety stock
  • Increased inventory thoughout
  • Improved customer service.

Accelerate communications and approvals

An ERP solution like Sage ERP X3 version 7 can significantly expedite the mundane yet important communications that fuel your business. Take purchase orders, for example. It is easy to set up notification and rules to ensure the request is sent out to all who need to approve—automatically. Orders for electronic equipment may go to one person; orders for office furniture may go to another. Tell the system who needs to approve what and they can do so from any mobile device with the push of a button. Just think: What other communications can be accelerated?

Simplified expense reporting

How many times have your receipts gathered in piles because you have more pressing things to do than fill out expense reports? Sure, you know it is important to turn in those reports, and you want to get reimbursed, but it is a pain.

File expense reports from your mobile device on the go. It is painless, instant, and a great way to make your employees’ life easier…and more productive!