Sage ERP X3 Manufacturing Software

For far too long, there has been a myth: Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are complex by nature; they are designed for function, not ease of use.

Some feel that effort put toward making the user experience more intuitive and enjoyable is wasted—even distracting for users performing “serious” tasks. After all, ERP software is robust business management software—not Facebook.

The truth? ERP systems you do not want to use—fail. While ERP systems that are easy to understand with intuitive workflows and highly visual interfaces—succeed.

More than succeed, they help your company grow.

2x Best-in-class companies are twice as likely to provide timely and accurate reporting, evaluate risks accurately, and manage exceptional events when they occur.
3x They are three times more likely to optimize inventory levels and maximize sales, get new products to market quickly, and grow revenue through upsell opportunities to existing customers.
5x Best-in-class are five times more successful reducing time spent on nonproductive tasks, which boosts productivity—and as a result—profitability.

Empowering users to leverage the full strength of their ERP system significantly contributes to business growth, gaining new customers, and reducing operating costs.

Intuitive workflows that increase productivity

Navigating your ERP system should be as intuitive as browsing a website. With the new Sage ERP X3 version 7, navigate the web-based interface using familiar hyperlinks, page scrolling, and search. You can bookmark favorites for quick access and avoid digging through lengthy menu options; relevant menus appear when you need them.

Visual Process Maps give you a clear, graphic-based view of the task at hand and lead you through each step. No more convoluted paths to get what you need. Now you can focus on what you have to do, not how to do it.

Reduced time and costs for training

An intuitive user interface reduces the time and cost of deploying new software dramatically. When employees can learn a new system more quickly and easily, they take a more active role developing and managing new workflows. This automates and accelerates more company processes. Even occasional users can help cover when someone is out sick or activity spikes, with minimal training on the system.

Immersive information

Have pertinent information when and where you need it so you do not have to waste time searching for it. Intuitive ERP systems like Sage ERP X3 version 7 provide search capabilities (similar to Google) across all functions and eliminate clutter, so you can focus on what is most relevant in the context of any given task.

Personalized views for every person

It is critical for modern ERP solutions to offer easy personalization based on role and preference. For example, the customer view a sales rep needs is different from that of a field technician. That is why Sage ERP X3 version 7 lets you customize views using a simple drag-and-drop process. You can organize information in lists or tabs, move important items to the top of the page, hide fields you do not use, and create shortcuts to favorite sections in one click. Productivity soars when you can configure your ERP solution to work the way you do.