Signs Your Inventory Management System Doesn’t Work

Tags: Inventory Planning, Inventory Control, Cash Flow, Equipment Servicing

You Aren't Saving Money

This was a critical factor when you chose to implement an inventory management system. Inventory should be accurately accounted for and easily located. Excess inventory should be eliminated by an effective management system, allowing you to order items only as needed to provide the business and customers with products and materials on a timely basis. If cash flow has not improved since implementation of the system and these improvements, your inventory management system isn’t working.inventory management

You Haven’t Improved Customer Service

Accurate inventory levels allow you to ship goods to customers quickly and efficiently because you’ll always have the items in highest demand on hand, which reduces shipment delays. Accurate levels also allow you to ensure that your service technicians have the right parts on hand as they visit customers. Visibility to necessary inventory items and their locations enable quick selection of items and efficient allocation and shipment, resulting in customer satisfaction.

You Don’t Know How Much Inventory You Need

Good inventory management systems offer historical data that shows the every item’s history, which allows you to detect trends and forecast demand to plan for future orders. This allows personnel to place orders on a scheduled, timely basis to prevent having excess inventory that takes up space and increases carrying costs. It also reduces the likelihood of having too little inventory, preventing stock-out conditions that could delay production activities or response to customer orders.

How to Implement an Effective Inventory Management System

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