SouthWare Excellence Series

SouthWare Excellence Series is an end-to-end Enterprise Resource Management system—a business and financial management tool that improves your access to data and information so that you can make the right business decision with confidence. It helps organizations to automate:

  • Order processing and fulfillment
  • Inventory control
  • Purchasing and receiving,
  • Work orders and assemblies
  • Warehouse management

...and more.

SouthWare Means Agility

Because it’s highly flexible, SouthWare can be customized to your unique business. If you’ve outgrown your financial software and are ready to see what a mature ERP solution like SouthWare can mean for your business, talk with us. Whether you have 5 users or 500, SouthWare is a cost-effective means to manage your business and operations.

Test Drive the new Southware Mobile Capabilities for HandHelds, Tablets and more:  Click Here

SouthWare CMSS

Southware is continuously improved through the CMSS (Continuous Maintenance and Software Support) program.  These are timely updates that cover a broad range from small compliance and industry trends to large new capabilities.  Just turn them on when you are ready.  In the screen below is a sample of recent web portals releases.