SouthWare Financial Series Software Solutions

With a multi-audit systen, you can handle transfers and reporting of information from one country to another, and between subsidiaries and parent company. It combines decentralised and international company management, handles multiple currencies and integrates multiple legislations, accounting rules and standards.

General Ledger

Your general ledger is where all your financial information comes together. For up-to-date information, attractive financial reports, and insight behind the reports, supervise your finances daily with SouthWare’s General Ledger.

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Accounts Receivable

Your receivables are one of your most valuable assets. Managed right, they encourage higher sales with minimal cost. Managed wrong, they could put you out of business. A great way to manage your receivables right is with SouthWare’s Accounts Receivable.

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A/R Invoicing

The first step in getting paid for your sales is getting a clear and accurate invoice to your customer right away. The longer you wait to bill a customer the longer you can expect to wait to get paid. And if the invoice doesn’t clearly detail the reason for the bill then you may wait even longer. For a great solution to your billing needs, get SouthWare’s A/R Invoicing Adapter.

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Accounts Payable

Managing the payables to your vendor is a routine,yet important part of any business. you need tight control over your checkwriting, but you would like to minimize the time involved. SouthWares' Accounts Payable is a great way too get better control over your Payables- with less time and efffort.

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Cash Flow

Don’t risk your peace of mind by guessing on something as important as your cash. And don’t spend your precious time doing something manually that your business system can do for you. If you want better cash information in less time, get Cash Flow Ledger.

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The key to excellent purchasing is to provide great inventory service and get the most value for the money you invest in inventory. Your customers and employees want inventory to be available when they need it. But if you’re not careful you can eat up all your profit in inventory carrying costs. SouthWare’s Purchasing helps you find the right balance for your inventory.

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