Modern Distribution Software Solutions

When you think of inventory control, you may visualize your warehouse or imagine box after box or row after row of materials. These might be raw materials in prep for production or finished products ready for customers. There are two critical inventory values that you have to know in order to protect your investment and your margin:

  1. Its intrinsic value in materials and effort
  2. Its potential value to an end user or customer—its sales price

Sales propel your business and are the push-and-pull influencers on your inventory. Taking control over your inventory includes at-a-glance understanding of your business.

Have what you need with an ERP implemented by Opus.

The right business management system can help you address every aspect of inventory control. With SouthWare Excellence Series ERP, for instance, not only can you control your inventory, but you can integrate your inventory information into a single end-to-end solution in order to realize a big picture view of your entire operation.

Demand detailed and real-time data and experience unparalleled flexibility.

Track trends and make deliberate, proactive decisions rather than simply reacting to changing market conditions.

Inventory Control 

  • Get the up-to-the-minute quantity status for any item in your inventory at the touch of a key
  • Know the value of your current inventory
  • Easily verify your spot check counts against your inventory records
  • Track selected stock items by serial number, lot number, size, color, or other tracking breakdown

Point of Sale 

  • Get your customers’ purchases checked out quickly
  • Customize which keystrokes should be required to record a sale
  • Combine returns and new sales on the same invoice
  • Tightly control receipts by tracking your cash, check, and credit card payments and reconciling them per operator

Warehouse Tracking 

  • Identify each storage ID or bin
  • Use both fixed (bins, slots) and moveable (pallets, license plates) storage IDs
  • Organize the storage IDs into zones/areas for easy review
  • Know which items are in a storage ID
  • Store a stock item in multiple storage IDs


  • Have all the work of creating suggested POs done for you
  • Use your judgment more efficiently by focusing only on any needed adjustments to suggested purchases
  • Trust that your purchasing decisions are based on assumptions that are continually updated for recent trends
  • Create just-in-time POs from your sales orders
  • Identify seasonal sales items and adjust suggested purchases for seasonal needs

Assembly Work Orders

  • Create, track, post, and analyze work orders that document all your assembly activity.
  • Take an order from a customer via Order Entry and interactively create a work order to produce his customized shipment.
  • You can select optional components that increase the selling price.
  • When it’s ready to ship you can then optionally print the details of the customer’s assembly bill of materials on his picking ticket and invoice.
  • Check the availability of each component on an assembly and then reserve stock or substitute, backorder, purchase, or sub-assemble needed items.
  • Put component parts back into inventory when you break down an item
  • Generate work orders for make-to-stock items.
  • Make sure the costs of your assemblies reflect the actual cost of the components, including variable and fixed costs.
  • Post work orders as they are finished or even partially post made-to-date quantities.
  • Pre-define all your standard bills of material for faster and more accurate processing.

VALOGIX® Automated Inventory Forecasting, Planning and Optimization system.

The Integration with the Valogix system is for companies that need a powerful planning solution to solve their complex inventory requirements. Designed to improve inventory planning and employee productivity, the VALOGIX Inventory Planner advanced technology automates the entire planning process, giving employee time to concentrate on activities that help improve the business like satisfying customer and generating more positive cash flow. Valogix solutions forecast demand, create a more balanced optimized inventory and generate new and transfer orders automatically.

And there is the added benefit of improving positive cash flow quickly and with less time and effort.

No more manual work to determine:

  • Demand forecasts
  • Replenishment plans
  • Stock keeping levels
  • Replenishment quantities

Dynamic System keeps you current:

  • The system adapts automatically as business conditions change
  • Alerts warn you of potential problems before they happen
  • Excess and inactive inventory are immediately identified
  • Get instant access to stock levels in all locations

Advanced Planning provides:

  • Runs multiple forecasting models to select the best fit for each item
  • Optimization re-balances mix to reduce costs and increase fill rates
  • Replenishment planning orders the right amount of stock

Potential Savings:

  • 20% to 40% Inventory Reduction
  • 15% – 30% Reduction in Stock-outs
  • 6% – 15% Reduction in Expedited Shipment

Potential Increases:

  • 15% – 25% Increase in Sales and Revenue
  • 12% Purchasing Efficiencies
  • 5% Productivity Gains

Improved customer satisfaction